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About This Site

A member of one of the local Facebook Groups kindly suggested that I include a bit about myself here and explain a little as to why I've created a site about Feltham. Another visitor to my site suggested I post a picture of myself also. help! Well, she asked for it! There's my ugly mush on the right!!

I'm actually from Middlesbrough (a couple of hundred miles north of Watford Gap) but have lived in Hanworth since 1987 so I hope I qualify a little as a Feltham/Hanworthownian.

I'm mad about history, (1066 and all that) am an avid reader, love football (sorry Brentford fans, I'm afraid my loyalties remain with Boro!) I'm also into Sherlock Holmes, (books and films) music (60's & 70's) and computers. I love animals, especially cats and dogs and wish I had one of each!! I've got issues with social phobia, hence the SP Resource  page but I won't bore you with that except to say that not all of my pictures are top quality as most were taken from inside a car! I also love Christmas and the build up to it, which is why I have a Christmas page and countdown. More will appear there as the festive period approaches.

As soon as I settled here I began to take an interest in my new home town. It didn't take long to realise that Boro and Feltham had (still have) something in common. A bad press! You may have seen the stories about Boro being the worse place to live in the country? And the only times Feltham is mentioned in the media it's usually related to the reputation of the Young Offenders Institute, drugs, or racism. We do have these problems within the area, but I'm sure no more than in most other towns and I think both Boro and Feltham have been unjustly labelled and singled out as towns with a bad reputation.

I wanted to re-dress the balance in my own small way, so have created this website which is essentially 'personal' but also aims to promote the area in which I live in a positive light.

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