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Domesday Entry - Hanworth

Hundred: Spelthorne

County:  Middlesex

Total population:   10 households (quite small).

Total tax assessed:   5 geld units (quite large).
Taxable units:  Taxable value 5 geld units. 

Value:  Value to lord in 1066 £3.  Value to lord in 1086 £2.  Value to lord c. 1070 £2. 

Households:  8 villagers.  2 cottagers. 

Ploughland: 3 ploughlands (land for).  1.5 lord's plough teams.  2.5 men's plough teams. 

Other resources:  Meadow 1 ploughs. 

Lord in 1066Ulf son of Manni Swart.

Overlord in 1066:  King Edward.

Lord in 1086:  Robert.

Tenant-in-chief in 1086:   Earl Roger of Shrewsbury.

Phillimore reference:  7,2

Domesday Book image kindly made available by Professor J.J.N. Palmer and George Slater, University of Hull.

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Hanworth Domesday Entry